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About This Blog

Can we be healthy while living with rheumatoid arthritis? No doubt medication is important for us, and evidence indicates the faster we’re diagnosed and put on medication, the greater our chance of remission. Research also suggests pharmaceuticals are the best defense against symptoms and the progression of joint damage. But I was diagnosed with RA at 15 and I’ve been on some form of drug therapy for close to 30 years, and yet, still I battle symptoms and joint deterioration. I’m not at all negating the fact that pharmaceuticals should be our first go-to solution. But I’m on a mission to find out what other therapies along with medication can help us to reduce pain and inflammation. How else can we achieve well being and optimal living? Join me as I explore and discover other, more holistic approaches to this illness, including nutrition, exercise, attitude, and spirituality. Being able to relate to others with RA is another form of therapy. So let’s take a walk together through the emotional landscape of this condition. It’s my intention to inspire you to make healthy choices for your body, mind, and spirit everyday.


8 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Dear Zuzu,

    What a lovely blog, how informative and helpful. I love the tone of your blog, it is personal and warm, and gives everyone hope.
    I will follow it with great interest

  2. Wow…this is interesting and inspiring…thanks for sharing your journey with such honesty and integrity!! What a gift.

  3. I was recently diagnosed with RA. I changed my diet dramatcally (vegetables, fruit, and chicken and fish mostly) and I am taking lots of supplements. After 12 months of carefully and painfully eliminating food from my diet, I hardly ever feel swalling, flare ups or pain. But I still wonder if I should consider taking the drugs? Did you ever stop taking anything? Or are you still taking RA drugs?

    • Dear Erika,

      I’m so impressed with your determination and fortitude in the face of such challenge. Seriously, good for you!

      Taking RA medication is such a personal choice and one that is often dictated by a person’s level of pain, inflammation, and disability. No one I know wants to take drugs for RA, but sometimes we have to, especially if there’s active joint damage. (Have you had any x-rays done that show joint damage? Have you talked to your rheumatologist about medication?) I’ve been on some form of medication for 30 years. Some medicines have worked for a short time and others have failed miserably from the get go. While taking medication is often the only way to get on top of our condition, it’s not the only thing we have in our grasp to help our bodies with the fight. I truly believe we need to use everything we can – food, supplementation, exercise, spiritual practice, stress-relieving techniques and often medication – to feel better. I’m on medication now, but if I eat poorly or I’m stressed, or I put exercise on the backburner, my symptoms of RA return with a vengeance. Don’t hesitate to PM me at if you have any additional questions or concerns. Cheers!

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